Showtime with the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most celebrated sports teams in all of professional sports. Even though they are located in Southern California there fans can be found all over the world. Everything about the Los Angeles Lakers screams show time from the gold color of their uniforms to their style of basketball, to the star studded crowd that comes out every night to watch their Hollywood style team play.

Under the triangle offense of Phil Jackson and the on court leadership of the beloved Kobe Bryant the Los Angeles Lakers won their second straight world title and their sixteenth over all world championship in the team

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The Prized Super Bowl Tickets

One of the hardest tickets to get a hold of in the world whether it be a theatre, concert, sporting event or even a political event are Super Bowl Tickets. The Super Bowl is easily the most hyped of event on a yearly basis. Even before the participants of a Super Bowl are determined people are beginning to figure out ways to get their hands on Super Bowl Tickets.

The Super Bowl without a doubt is the biggest event in all of sports all around the world making Super Bowl Tickets a prized possession among all avid sports fans. Because the event is large and the media is so involved with many of the seats that are in whatever stadium the Super Bowl is taking place in on any particularly year are largely owned by corporate America, meaning a lot of companies have rights to the seats. This makes it even more difficult for a football fan to get their hands on Super Bowl Tickets.

This year the Super Bowl is going to be held in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium. Located just outside of Dallas in Arlington, Texas Cowboys stadium, built by its owner Jerry Jones cost a billion dollars to build. Cowboys Stadium is the largest dome stadium in the world and considered a football heaven. This year

New England Patriots Leaders of the Pack

Over the past decade, year in and year out the New England Patriots has been one of the best football teams in the NFL. Led by hall of fame coach Bill Belichick and superstar and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady the New England Patriots will continue to be a Super Bowl Contender. No matter what the situation is on the field Tom Brady is dangerous and capable of bringing the New England Patriots a victory. Brady is as calm, cool and collective as any athlete in all of professional sports. He makes everyone around him better and that

The Knocks and Chops of UFC

Founded in 1993 the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is one of if not the quickest growing sport in the world. The inspiration behind UFC comes from Brazil and showcases phenomenal athletes from around the world who have expertise in mixed martial arts. When going to a UFC even its fans witness an action pack event with the best fighters in the world showcasing their skills against each other. The action is nonstop and the punches, kicks and submission holds are breathtaking. Whenever attending a UFC event there will always be a surprise as all the athletes that participate/fight are spectacular and in the blink of an eye any one fight can be decided.

Unlike the wrestling that you see on television when you attend a UFC fight what you see is what you get. These fights are not staged. The fighters are all professionally trained and are all capable of knocking out their opponents. If you take your eyes off of these world class athletes you will surely miss what could be an instant replay moment.

Because the competition is so fierce in the UFC you never know who the next superstar fighter is going to be. Even the greatest fighters in UFC history have been knocked out. UFC is unlike any other sport in the world. It is a sport where who whoever has the most guts, determination and heart is likely to win.

The tension of a UFC fight is there before the bell t to notify the contender

Miami Heat

South Beach is definitely heating up with the upcoming season of their basketball team Miami Heat. After quite possibly the most successful offseason in NBA history the Miami Heat are the pre-season favorites to win the NBA championship. With newly added LeBron James and Chris Bosh along with veteran Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade the Heat are going to be a tough ticket to get this season. No matter where they play in the upcoming season be it at their home court in sizzling South Beach or on the road they are sure to draw a sellout crowd.

LeBron James is ready to showcase his skills on a new forum and prove to the world that he is n true NBA champion. Chris Bosh is also looking for his first championship ring and Dwayne Wade is looking to add another ring to his resume. These three solidified superstars are certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with. Anything short of a championship ring is going to be considered a failure for the Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat will no doubt provide for many Kodak moments as they have three proven superstars that are all more than capable of putting on their own highlight real on the basketball court. Be sure not to miss what all the talk is about and get to a Miami Heat game whenever the opportunity presents itself. You never know when three superstars like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are going to team up again. It is sure to be a show worth going to.

There is plenty of pressure on the Miami Heat this year with all the star power that they have. However, it seems like there star studded cast of players are up to the task and ready to take over the NBA.

Carrie Underwood Has Arrived!!

At the young age of twenty seven years old Carrie Underwood is already a multi platinum selling artist. She has won multiple Grammy Awards as well as an array of other distinguished awards. Her first album went platinum seven times over and she currently has the best selling female album in country music history.

Carrie Underwood gained her notoriety when she won the fourth season of the popular television show American Idol. She is a true performer and when she gets on stage and she makes it very obvious to her audiece that there is no place that she would rather be. At every show she is sure to dazzle her crowd and leave them in awe of her amazing talents.

No one can deny that Carrie Underwood sings from her heart. She is as capable as anyone to sing a ballad. In turn she can rock with the best of them. It is one thing for a musician to be able to put out a hit record but what they do on stage truly shows what type of talent they have. Carrie Underwood continues to grow as an artist and performer and it is evident the way she has learned to perform live onstage. It is no wonder why this superstar has such a loyal fan base. She has grown into the performer she is right before our very eyes.

The scary thing about Carrie Underwood is that she is so young and is only getting better. She will likely go down in history as one of the greatest country music stars of all time. Male or female. Going to see Carrie Underwood live in concert is like going to see a legend in the making. There is nothing like it when Carrie Underwood has the crowd completely mesmerized as she blows away a venue with her golden vocal chords.

Turning Back the Clock with Michael Buble

Going to Michael Buble concert is an intimate experience. He is quick to tell you about his world as he talks about how he ended up in the music industry. At thirty four years old Michael Buble is an old soul which makes for a concert venue audience that is made up of people of all ages. He has an innocence about him that is enjoyable to watch and portrays to his audience that he knows he is lucky to have the career that he does.

Michael Buble sings his songs with the backing of a thirteen piece big band. Even though he sells out arenas Michael Buble does his best to make each one of his concerts an intimate experience as he talks and jokes around with the audience. Don