Best Dunk Contest Candidates for All-Star Weekend

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While the actual game is the marquee event of All-Star weekend in Houston, fans with NBA All Star tickets know that some of the most exciting action of the year takes place on Saturday night during the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. The lineup for the Dunk Contest has not been revealed, so here are several players that would make the event even more entertaining. The hope for years has been that Lebron James would throw his name in to the Dunk Contest. Perhaps the best athlete on the planet, Lebron’s combination of explosiveness, power and skill would make him the easy favorite to win the competition. More importantly, his presence would instantly give the Dunk Contest credibility, as he is the best basketball player in the world. This is also why so many people want to see Kevin Durant enter the Dunk Contest. While most people think of him as a shooter first, Durant is an explosive dunker in his own right, and he has no problem throwing down powerful slams on occasion. With the height of some centers and the handle of a guard, Durant would be able to get very creative in this setting.

Of course, you cannot make a list like this without including Blake Griffin. The 2011 Dunk Contest winner not only has the requisite hops and skill to pull off a number of impressive dunks, but he also has more than enough showmanship to win the crowd’s support a second time. He’s a natural in this setting. Griffin’s teammate, DeAndre Jordan, would also be a great choice for the dunk contest. While some people prefer to see the little guys get great elevation, others prefer power dunkers, and Jordan may be the best in the NBA in that regard. But make no mistake, Jordan can jump out of the gym too, and he has the added bonus of being able to call upon Griffin for even more creativity. Finally, just for fun, they should go out of their way to try and get James White. The relatively unknown White has bounced around quite a bit during his basketball career, but the issue has never been his athleticism. White has pogo-sticks for legs, and can absolutely fly. The display he put on in a Turkish dunk contest was incredible, and would definitely bring the house down in Houston.

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