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Deron Williams & Dwight Howard | Brooklyn Nets Tickets


Without a first round selection in Thursdays 2012 NBA Draft, the Brooklyn Nets are concerned with far greater issues.  The Nets are currently anticipating July 1st, which marks the beginning of free agency as they are trying to re-sign star point guard Deron Williams and hope to acquire Orlando Magic Center, Dwight Howard.  Their competition for Howard appears to be the Dallas Mavericks area also in pursuit of Williams.  As the deadline draws nearer, the Nets are disposing their entire PR arsenal and; for example, today parked a massive sign out front of his Manhattan house for his birthday.  There is no doubt an allure to these Brooklyn Nets as they are moving into a new facility and hope to add stars to a roster that is filled with role players.  Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and Gerald Green are a few of these supplementary players who are all coming off strong individual performances in the 2011-2012 season, especially Humphries, who despite being voted

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