Green Bay Packers are Rich in Tradition

The Green Bay Packers have some of the most loyal fans in all of professional sports. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin the Packers diehard fans refer to themselves as cheese heads. The Packers are one of the last small town football teams to exist making them even more loved. Despite the cold weather that comes with Green Bay their loyal fans are willing and able to show up for their games every weekend. Led by their quarterback Aaron Rodgers they have an explosive offense that at times seems as if they are able to score at will.

The Green Bay Packers are a franchise enriched in tradition and any sports fanatic should experience going to a Green Bay Packer game at least once in their lifetime. From the moment you step in the stadium you will be able to feel the love and loyalty that Green Bay Packer fans have for their beloved team. Scoring a ticket for a Green Bay Packer game is not an easy task as they are a franchise that has been sold out for years upon years.

With their first season being in 1919 The Green Bay Packers have won more league championships than any other team in the history of the NFL. The history behind the success of the Green Bay Packers is a mile long. The greater part of their success came after appointing the legendary Vince Lombardi as their head coach.

Even thought the Green Bay Packers suffered a huge loss to their roster this year when they lost their star running back Ryan Grant they still have one of the most feared offenses in the NFL. Without a doubt the Green Bay Packers are a forced to be reckoned with and will always give their opponents a run for their money.

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