Les Miserables is Back and Fantastic as Ever

Some people go to broadway plays to listen to the music while others go for the fantastic story lines. When you go see Les Miserables you get the whole package in one. The story of Les Miserables takes place in the Parisian underworld. Jean Valjean, the lead character of the play is sentenced to 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his nieces and nephews. Once Jean Valjean is released from jail he is constantly pursued by a police officer with the name Javert.

As soon as the curtains open you will know how one show could have had such a magnificent run on broadway as Les Miserables did. The music is fantastic and at times it will be hard not to shed tears as you truly feel for the main character and his trials and tribulations that he faces throughout the play. Even if you are not a fan of opera music you will find yourself lost in the music.

Les Miserables proves to be a timeless piece of work as the original story surfaced in the year 1862 and has not gone away since. Since Les Miserables has become a play it has always been one of the quickest sell outs. It first went on broad way in 1987 and finished its magnificent run in 2003. Les Miserables is one of the great plays that raised the standards for all other broad way plays. Les Miserables is a complete masterpiece from beginning to end.

Les Miserables is back and touring around the country. If you missed Les Miserables when it was on broadway then this play is a must see. If you saw Les Miserables on its original run you will appreciate it even more than before.

Les Miserables is Back and Fantastic as Ever by

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