On the Edge of Your Seat with the Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom of the Opera has become the longest running Broadway play in history. When you go see it will not be a mystery why. When going to see Phantom of the Opera your eyes will be glued to the stage and time will fly by. The touring cast of Phantom of the Opera sells out no matter where they are performing this timeless play.

The play which was first written in 1909 has not lost a speck of its mystique. One can see this play over and over again and always be moved. No matter where the Phantom of the Opera is being performed in the world it gets nothing less than rave reviews. Everything about Phantom of the Opera is spectacular. The music, the characters and the special effects which were way ahead of their time when the play first started will keep your upmost attention from beginning to end.

Whether you are a veteran attendee at Broadway productions or you have never been to one before the Phantom of the Opera is an artistic masterpiece. The rumor that is being discussed is that this may be the Phantom of the Opera farewell tour. While this may be just a rumor why take the chance. Go see this play for the first time or go see it again as there are not enough positive words and expressions to give justice to this remarkable play and storyline.

Phantom of the Opera is a play that everyone can relate to. The premise of the play is of a musical genius who was deformed since birth and didn

On the Edge of Your Seat with the Phantom Of The Opera by

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