Phish Jamming Around the Country


Over the past couple of years Phish has been touring around the country thrilling their loyal fans. Prior to beginning their tour Phish was supposedly done playing with each other and each band member was out and about working on their own solo projects. However the four members of Phish, Mike Gordan, John Fishman, Page McConnel and of course Trey Anastasio decided to get back together and go back on tour and the sound that they have been putting out is nothing short of magical.

Phish has some of the most loyal fans in all of the music industry. When going to a concert it is not going to be uncommon to find fans that have literally been traveling around the country getting Phish concert tickets to every show that the legendary band performs.

What began as a band that played their songs in small, dark and smokey bars have been selling out no matter where they play for years on end now. Since coming out of retirement Phish seems to be playing tighter then ever. The band members are completely in sink with one another and it is apparent that they are playing some of the best music in their long, rewarding career.

If you are a fan of Phish and have not seen them since there return to the stage do yourself a favor and get yourself a concert ticket. You will be amazed of how the band has matured musically since their hiatus. If you have never seen Phish before they are one of the musical acts that are considered a must see. You will get absolutely lost in their music and not even realize how much time has passed as they play one of the longest, funkiest and enjoyable concerts that you are likely to ever be at.

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