Shakira Gives You Her Heart

Born and raised in Columbia Shakira first grew her fame in Spain and Latin America. Her talents were quickly recognized by the world and now Shakira is an international star who has adoring fans all over the world. This was made apparent when she was a headliner at the World Cup concert this past year and there were thousands upon thousands of screaming fans that were from all over the globe. Shakira has been recognized for her talents as she has two American Grammy awards and seven Latin Grammy awards on her resume.

Backing up Shaira is an eight piece band that has all the talent in the world. And they need to keep up with the main attraction Shakira. Shakira does not let the level of energy drop from the moment she steps on the stage until she completes her show. She impressively mixes her Columbian and Latin American culture perfectly as she rocks every venue she steps foot in. Her main goal when she begins any concert is to please her fans and make sure that everyone leaves satisfied as she sings and dances her way through the evening. Most enjoyable about a Shakira concert is that it is evident that she is having fun.

With seven studio albums already under her belt there is no sign of this international superstar slowing down anytime soon. When you go to a Shakira concert you will have a smile on your face that goes from ear to ear the entire time. Shakira puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Whether she is on the stage performing live or in the studio putting together a new album she is going to give it everything she has. Once you go to one Shakira concert you will already be looking forward to the next time you get the opportunity to see her. She is without a doubt a must see!!

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