The 2011 BCS Championship Game

This year the 2011 BCS Championship Game will be played in Glendale, Arizona. This is only the second time the BCS Championship game is hosted by the beautiful state of Arizona. The two teams that are facing off against each other are Auburn and Oregon. Of course the winner will have the prestigious bragging rights of being the best team in college football for 2011.

Without out a doubt the 2011 BCS Championship Game is the showcase of college football. Its sole purpose is to make sure that the two highest ranking teams in the country will meet up head to head to play for the title of the national championship. Auburn and Oregon are two excellent teams that are going to bring a high level of skill to the football field ensuring it to be an exciting and competitive matchup.

Its Heisman trophy quarterback Cam Newton leads Auburn. Despite being the center of tons of controversy this year Cam Newton has been able to keep his focus and lead his team to numerous big comebacks throughout the season. The end result is a spot for Auburn in the 2011 BCS Championship Game.

Oregon has had arguably the most explosive offense in college football this year as they led the nation in scoring. LaMichael James leads the nation in rushing and is one of many lethal weapons that Oregon has in its dynamic offense.

Both Auburn and Oregon have undefeated seasons giving the 2011 BCS Championship Game even more meaning. Make sure to get your 2011 BCS Championship Game ticket before it is to late.

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