The most important All Star game in professional sports

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The Major League Baseball All Star game is an annual weekend dedicated entirely to the best baseball players in the entire world.  Until 2002 it bared resemblance to most other events of its kind, however all that changed after 2002.

In 2002, the game was held in Milwaukee and ended in controversy with a tie in the 11th inning.  In the typical an All Star game, every player will maybe get one or two innings of playing time so as to accommodate every player.  Because the 2002 game went two innings over the projected finish, both managers ran out of relief pitchers.  Commissioner Bud Selig called the game and the MLB community went into a frenzy and demanded that nothing like that ever occur again.  Selig responded by enacting the current policy that undoubtedly elevates the stakes to all players competing.  Finally made permanent in 2006, the League that wins the game will have its participant in the World Series awarded home field advantage over the losing team.  Though it was initially an experiment, the new format proved to be successful.  The American League took advantage of the new rule for the first 7 seasons it was enacted while the National League won 3 World Series titles between those years. 

Last years game was held at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and was dominated by fantastic pitching.  The National League won 5-1 and earned home field advantage which proved to be vital as the 2011 World Series went to 7 games, with the Cardinals winning. 

The 2012 MLB All Star game will be held at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City on July 12 and will be televised on FOX.  It seems poised to be very exciting as votes are currently being counted to confirm each sides roster.  Matt Kemp is the leading vote getter for the National League with 3,322,009 votes and Joey Votto is right behind him with 3,151,032.  The Rangers Josh Hamilton is currently on pace to break the all time votes record with his vote count of  5,414,880 with significant time left for ballots to be casted.  Each teams starting pitcher has yet to be named though the National League will most likely come down to the Mets R.A. Dickey or, recently off of his perfect game, the Giants Matt Cain.  The American League is a tossup, though will most likely be awarded to the Tigers

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