The New York Jets are the Real Deal

In years past there has always been expectations of the New York Jets. Years would come and go where their fans as well as experts around the NFL would think that the Jets were going to be a serious contender only to be disappointed. This year is different. This year the New York Jets are proving one game at a time that they have what it takes to be division champions and super bowl contenders. This year the New York Jets are a team that other teams do not look forward to playing.

Led by their outspoken coach Rex Ryan the New York Jets finally have personality and swagger. They have a long list of talent on both defense and offense. Their second year star quarterback Mark Sanchez is proving that he has what it takes to be a big shot in the NFL. Part of the reason why Mark Sanchez is finding success so early in his career is because so much talent surrounds him. The New York Jets running game has been more then impressive with the rejuvenated LaDainian Tomlinson. Santonio Holmes has been nothing short of phenomenal as he continues to make one huge catch after another. In addition to their potent offense the New York Jets have one of the most solid defenses in the league.

The New York Jets are beginning to show the swagger of a champion and believe that this could really be there year to go all the way. Part of being a champion is believing that you are a champion. With a 9-2 start including more then one final play victory the New York Jets are proving that this year they are the real deal.

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