The Prized Super Bowl Tickets

One of the hardest tickets to get a hold of in the world whether it be a theatre, concert, sporting event or even a political event are Super Bowl Tickets. The Super Bowl is easily the most hyped of event on a yearly basis. Even before the participants of a Super Bowl are determined people are beginning to figure out ways to get their hands on Super Bowl Tickets.

The Super Bowl without a doubt is the biggest event in all of sports all around the world making Super Bowl Tickets a prized possession among all avid sports fans. Because the event is large and the media is so involved with many of the seats that are in whatever stadium the Super Bowl is taking place in on any particularly year are largely owned by corporate America, meaning a lot of companies have rights to the seats. This makes it even more difficult for a football fan to get their hands on Super Bowl Tickets.

This year the Super Bowl is going to be held in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium. Located just outside of Dallas in Arlington, Texas Cowboys stadium, built by its owner Jerry Jones cost a billion dollars to build. Cowboys Stadium is the largest dome stadium in the world and considered a football heaven. This year

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