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Prominent Tickets has been providing customers around the world with LOW, LOW PRICES on Broadway tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, and much more for nearly 35 years. Formerly located in the Garden State Plaza, Prominent Tickets is now located at 65 Harristown Road , Ste 100 in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Prominent Tickets embraces the mantra "Buy Directly From the Source, Save Money" as the prices we offer on Broadway tickets, sports tickets, and concert tickets are almost always lower then our competitors because of our low service fees. We Stock our tickets unlike the well known sites on the web. We upload our seats to their sites, then they mark up them much higher then what you would pay if you ordered directly from us.Moral:  you will 100% get them cheaper through us because we own our seats, any time you can find the broker who owns the seats, they will always be the cheapest.

Conveniently located in Bergen County New Jersey, Prominent Tickets has been Bergen County's premier ticket broker for nearly 35 years. Aside from building strong ties within the community and county, Prominent Tickets has a clientele that spans the entire world, with many return customers from Europe!Whether it's Super Bowl tickets, Broadway tickets, concert tickets, or sports tickets, Prominent Tickets has the best prices on the web! Because of long standing relationships with the box office and many theaters, Prominent Tickets has become the PREMIER Broadway broker. Located less than 20 miles from New York City, no one can beat Prominent Tickets prices on Broadway shows! When it comes to sports and concerts the result is the same, we have millions of dollars of inventory in stock so our concerts and sports pricing is second to none. We look forward to serving you. Stop on into our storefront and say hello. 

| Lance Patania | President / CEO


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