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Justin Bieber is a successful Canadian pop singer, actor and songwriter. Bieber was first discovered when a talent manager from America, Scooter Braun stumbled across one of Bieber's videos on the website, YouTube. Braun would end up becoming his manager and would arrange for Bieber to meet entertainer, Usher, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Bieber would subsequently be signed to the Raymond Braun Media Group and would be offered a contract by Island Records recording executive, L.A. Reid. His debut EP, My World, was released in the month of November in the year, 2009. It would be certified platinum in the country.

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    Bieber as a result, would become the first artist to have a seven song debut chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He would release a studio album in March of 2010, titled My World 2.0. The album debuted close to number 1 in many countries and at number one in others. It also became platinum certified in United States. The single, "Baby" was released following the album's release. Justin Bieber would follow the release with a tour known as My World Tour, selling many Justin Bieber tickets. Fans flocked to purchase as many Justin Bieber tickets as they could. It was Bieber's first headling tour. Justin Bieber also would release two remix albums, Never Say Never and My World Acoustic and also release a 3D biographical concert film entitled, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. He would release his second album, Under the Mistletoe in the month of November in the year, 2011. It debuted in the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Bieber would release a third album, Believe, in the month of June in the year 2012. It would become his 4th album to top the Billboard 200 chart in United States.

    Bieber performed "Someday at Christmas," a song by Stevie Wonder for President Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle Obama for the Christmas in Washington concert in the year, 2009. It was broadcasted on the cable television network, TNT. Bieber also performed at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve in December of the same year. He was a presenter at the 52nd Grammy Awards in January 2010. Bieber would be invived to be a vocalist for a remake of "We Are The World," a song that was written by musicians, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. This happened as a consequence of the earthquake in the country, Haiti and to celebrate the song's 25th anniversary. In the song, Bieber sings the starting line, which had initially been sung by artist, Lionel Richie on the original version of the song.

    The My World Tour began in the city of Hartford in Connecticut. It was done to promote My World and My World. 2.0. Justin Bieber tickets were sold in droves worldwide. In July of 2010, Bieber performed at the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular in NYC (New York City0. When he began recording his second album, his voice was noticeably deeper as a result of puberty. Many critics noted this in the reviews of it. Bieber would have a guest star role in CBS' CSI; Crime Scene Investigation. It aired in September of 2010. Bieber played a troubled teen in the episode, who had a brother who was a serial bomber. He would portray the same role in an episode in February of 2011, where the character was killed off. Bieber performed many of his hits including, "U Smile," "baby" and "Somebody to Love" as a medley at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in September of 2010. Bieber stated in October of the same year that he would be releasing an acoustic album.

    In the latter part of the year, 2011, Justin Bieber began recording the third album, Believe. It was announced on Twitter in February 2012 that the first single would be announced in March of the same year. Bieber would make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and announce that the first single would be "Boyfriend." The song would debut at the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It sold a total of 521,000 units digitally. There was discussion as to why it debuted at number #2 instead of number #1. Bill Werde of Billboard ascribed it to the digital download only being available to fans via iTunes Store. "Boyfriend," did however become Justin's first single to reach #1 on the Canadian Hot 100, remaining there for a period of one week. Justin Bieber would release Believe in June of 2012. It was an Island Records release and marked a different direction for Bieber to a more dance pop and R&B blend rather than the teeny bopper sound that he had become known for. Bieber was determined to incorporate an urban sound and enlisted the help of producers such as Darkchild, Diplo, Max Martin and Hit Boy to assist him in his sonic evolution. Many critics praised the album as being more mature and an excellent reinvention.

    Justin Bieber would begin a Believe Tour. Many Justin Bieber tickets were sold for this tour that began in the month of September in the state of Arizona in the city of Glendale. In December of 2012, Bieber once again appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to announce an acoustic feature of Believe that would be released in January 2013. In March of 2013, Bieber would faint while backstage at the O2 Arena in London, England. This happened following breathing problems that he had stated that he was having. Bieber was subsequently taken to a hospital. As a result of the fainting, Bieber cancelled a concert that was scheduled for Lisbon, Portugal on the 12th of March. The one scheduled on the 11th went on as scheduled.

    The New York Times' Jan Hoffman noted that much of Bieber's allure and appeal is the result of his channel on the website, YouTube. Prior to the release of his EP, he had received millions of view on his channel. Bieber is frequently featured in teen magazines, stated to be a teen heartthrob. There are wax statues of Bieber in the Madame Tussauds museums in the cities of London, New York and Amsterdam. In the year 2010, Justin altered his hairstyle leading him to become known as having the most expensive musical haircut of all time. Bieber products would also be changed. One company that produced the products spent $100,000 to fix the dolls of the Christmas season of the year, 2011. Bieber has been repeatedly criticized for looking and sounding younger than he is and for his heavy media attention. He is often a target of both message board posters and Internet bloggers. Bieber has often been known to have an androgynous appearance, which many in the media have noted significantly. He appeared on the cover of LOVE magazine in 2011, which was an androgyny issue. Many of his fan base is referred to as having Bieber fever or being Belibers. These two words become notable in the year, 2010.

    Bieber is known to be a practicing Christian and has more often than naught stated Jesus is the reason that he is here. In February of the year, 2011, Rolling Stone magazine did a profile of Bieber. Bieber was questioned about abstinence, abortion and sexual orientation. Bieber noted that individuals should not have sex with anyone unless they love them; that he did not believe in abortion and that sexual orientation is an individual decision. Bieber has contributed to what is known as the It Gets Better Project, which has an aim of preventing suicide among youths of LGBT. Bieber has stated that he is not interested in getting citizenship in United States and praised the country of Canada as the best country in the world, after criticizing the US health care system.

    Technology Investments, Relationships and Charity Work

    Justin Bieber has ventured into the world of technology by becoming an investor. He made his first investment at a startup in the year, 2009. He has since then been investing millions quietly in many startups including SoJo Studios and Spotify. In February of 2011, Bieber would attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with singer and actress, Selena Gomez. This would confirm speculation that there was a romance going on between the two. In the early part of November in the year, 2012, Bieber and Gomez ceased having a romantic relationship after dating for 2 years. They would reconcile in December only to break up again in the month of January 2013. Bieber has been known to support several charities. He has consistently supported Pencils of Promise, which was a charity that was began by his manager's younger brother, Adam Braun. The charity's aim is to build and establish schools in developing countries. Bieber has become considerably involved in the campaign for Pencils for Promise by being a country manager specifically supporting school building in the country of Guatemala. Bieber routinely is involved in many fund raising galas and donates considerable proceeds to causes from his fragrance lines and concerts. Bieber has also appeared in PSAs for PETA.

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