Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

After winning a championship in 2010-11 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were looking defend the AFC title as well as their reign on top. However, the 2011-12 season ended with a crushing loss to the Denver Broncos. The Steelers ending with a 12 and 4 record, they are going to look for 2012 to be better and fans should get their Steeler Tickets today from Prominent Tickets. Their new schedule will be released in March or April of 2012 and then fans can pick out which games they want to go to. Prominent Tickets is going to have the widest selection of inventory for this top notch NFL team, so don’t miss out on the great deals we have to offer!

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    Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

    Before purchasing Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, it is important to know why they are such a respected and well known team. The professional football team is located in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and at present, is under the North Division of American Football Conference within National Football League. The team began in the year, 1933 and is considered the oldest within American Football Conference. The team has won more titles from the Super Bowl than other teams within the AFC with 6 total. They have also won a total of 8 AFC Championship Games, played in a total of 15 of the games and been the hosts of more than 11 championships games within the conference. This is a feat that no other team in either the AFC or NFC has accomplished. The team currently shares the most appearances at Super Bowl with Dallas Cowboys, with the most recent win being at Super Bowl XLIII in February of the year, 2009. In July of 1933, Art Rooney would found the team, which has a name that was originally utilized from a baseball team that had the same name. The team's ownership has continued to remain a part of the Rooney family since the year, 1933. The current owner is Dan Rooney, who is Art Rooney's son. Much of the control, however, has been given to Art Rooney II, Dan Rooney's son. The team enjoys a wide fan base that is frequently nicknamed the Steeler Nation. The Steelers, at present, play their games when they are at home at the Heinz Field in the North Side of Pittsburgh in North Shore neighborhood, which is also the host of University of Pittsburgh Panthers. In the year 2001, the stadium replaced the one at the time, Three Rivers Stadium. Three Rivers Stadium has been the gracious hosts of the team for a total of 31 seasons. Before Three Rivers Stadium was the hosts for the team, they played games at both Forbes Field and Pitt Stadium.

    The History of the Franchise / Steelers


    The Pittsburgh Steelers first played as Pittsburgh Pirates in September of the year, 1933 when they were against New York Giants. For the most part of the 1930s, the team rarely finished higher than second place within their particular division. Pittsburgh was able to make history, though, in the year, 1938 when they signed Byron White, who would end up being a Justice on the United States Supreme Court. This was noted as one of the biggest contracts in the history of the National Football League; however, White would only play a total of one year with the team prior to going to the Detroit Lions. At the onset of the season of the year 1940, the team would officially change their name to the Steelers.

    Throughout the Second World War, the team had several shortages in players merging twice with other franchises within NFL in order to have an actual team. By the year, 1947, the team would make it to the playoffs for the very first time. They would tie with Philadelphia Eagles within the division at 8 to 4. This would subsequently force a playoff game to be played at Forbes Field in order to break the tie. The team would end up losing 21 to 0. That playoff game would be the sole game at the playoffs for a total of 25 years afterward. The team did however; qualify for the Playoff Bowl in the year, 1962, when they were considered second best team within the conference; though the Playoff Bowl was not stated to be an official playoff game. In the year, 1970, the team would move into Three Rivers Stadium. This would also be the same year of the merger between AFL and NFL. This would make the team become known as one of the old guard teams within National Football League who had to switch to the now known AFC, or American Football Conference. The other teams of the same stature were Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns. The reason this was done so to equalize the amount of teams within the new formed league. The team would also receive a total of 3 million dollars in relocation fees. This was considered a windfall for them given they had struggled to form a team for so long. When the team had Chuck Noll as a coach during the season of the year, 1969, he would shift the dynamics of the team's losing streak. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Noll was his ability to find quality talent such as Hall of Famers, Mel Blount in the year, 1970; Franco Harris in the year 1972; Lynn Swann, John Stallworth and Mike Webster in the year, 1974 as well as Jack Lambert. The draft that year is known as one of the best ever as they are the only team to have so many Hall of Famers in a single year - and one of few to draft two or more in a single year. Through the time of the Noll era, fans bought Pittsburgh Steelers tickets so much that it established what became known as the Steelers dynasty.

    By the early 1990s, Noll would retire. Bill Cowher would end up leading the team that year to the playoff games, in a total of his first six seasons as coach. This was another major triumph for the team. This particular feat had only been done by Paul Brown, who was coach of Cleveland Browns. During the first six seasons, Bill Cowher would coach them in a total of three times in the American Football Conference Championship Game and in the year, 1995, he would bring them to make an appearance at Super Bowl XXX. This was the result of what was known as the Blitzburgh defense. Several of the fans would purchase Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for that game, however, the team would lose to Dallas Cowboys; despite a prior victory against Indianapolis Colts. Bill Cowher would get the team to their 5th Super Bowl win at Super Bowl XL when they played against Seattle Seahawks, 10 years later. As a result of that victory, the team would become the 3rd team to win a total of 5 Super Bowl.

    In January of 2007, Bill Cowher would resign as coach of the team and this in effect would allow for Mike Tomlin to take over. Tomlin had been defensive coordinator for Minnesota Vikings. It was announced that same month on the 22nd that Tomlin would be the new head coach. He was the first African American to be named as head coach of the team throughout their 75 years as an active football team. He would also become the 3rd consecutive head coach for the team that would take them to the Super Bowl. This feat equaled that of Tom Landry, Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson of Dallas Cowboys. Tomlin would be named the Motorola Coach of the Year in 2008.

    In February of 2009, he would lead the team to their second Super Bowl of the particular decade. They would end up winning against Arizona Cardinals a total of 27 to 23. At the time, Tomlin was considered the youngest head coach to ever win a Super Bowl game, as he was 36 years old when the team won. The season in the year, 2010 would make Mike Tomlin the only coach to reach the Super Bowl event twice prior to turning the age of 40. Tomlin would lead the Steelers to a game in February 2011 on the 6th of the month, which was the second Super Bowl feat. Fans would flock to purchase Pittsburgh Steelers tickets at that game also, but the team ended up being defeated by Green Bay Packers, 31 to 25. The team though, would win their 400th victory in the year, 2012 when they played Washington Redskins.

    The Uniforms and Legacy

    The Steelers uniforms are gold and black in color and have been that way since the inception of the team. The only exception to that was in the 1943 season when they would become the Steagles, having merged with Philadelphia Eagles. The colors of the team at that time were white and green. A unique format of the city of Pittsburgh, the team's current gold and black colors are now shared also by Pittsburgh Penguins in the sport of ice hockey; the Pittsburgh Power of the Arena Football League as well as Pittsburgh Pirates in the sport of baseball. One difference to this is that the Pittsburgh Penguins use what is known as Vegas Gold in their uniforms which are a type of metallic gold. The Pirates use a mustard gold and the Steelers' gold color are referred to as very vibrant and bright yellow, almost canary in color. The Steelers have continued to capture the hearts of fans worldwide and are recognized and known by most people, even those who do not like the sport. One cannot mention the Steelers without the team being recognized.


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